Cogito Ergo Sum ☆

Love is undefinable. 

Love is a feeling transpired from the heart. Love cannot be thoroughly describe nor can it be define by anyone. Not even the most intelligent or the wisest people can tell you what love is for love is something you need to experience yourself to know exactly how it feels. You need to experience the swelling of your heart when you see that other person. You need to experience the butterflies inside your stomach when you hear them talk. You need to experience the pain when you realize just how much you miss them being next to you. And you need to experience the heartbreak when it is time for that love to end…Yes, I do believe that love is the most beautiful thing on this earth because without it, we’re nothing but a piece of flesh walking on two feet. Love have the power join people together and bring everyone happiness. However, love can also bring pain for it is the most excruciating torture when someone have their heart broken. Love is so many things put into one; it would take forever just to try and think of all the feelings it can bring forth. Love is something that is not explainable, and it is a mystery everyone wants to figure out. But the more we try to figure it out, the more we would fall in love, and falling in love can lead to the unfavorable heartbreak.

6 July 2012
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