Cogito Ergo Sum ☆
Disappointed and dismayed with myself.

I let my idiocy and carelessness run over me- it was deeply engraved in my mind never to let those things happen again, but it does, and I have nothing to do but to blame myself for not checking things again and again. I regret it, yes. I know it’s not good, to regret something, but this is such a different story. It’s not because of the score, but there should have been something better. It was so close. But fate didn’t offer me my satisfaction. And this leaves me a note to myself… and a message from God as well…

Dear Eica,

It’s okay. Let it go. It happened because I have bigger plans for you. I just want to remind you that please, don’t strive to be perfect, cause your perfect in your own way. It’s just because of your mistakes. And mistakes are normal. Just remember that next time, be careful. Okay? Slowly but surely, has always been better.

Love, God.

Now, I’ve learned my lesson, I know, because of this, I’ll be; hopefully, a better individual. With lots of patience, carefulness and good stuffs. Sorry for being dramatic because of that. I would have accepted it if I really don’t know the correct antiphon for that certain something. But I wanted to finish it fast, not knowing I did mistakes..