Cogito Ergo Sum ☆

I don’t want to see you.

Ever again. I don’t want us to reminded of our bitter sweet memories. I don’t want to see the gleam in your hurting eyes. Those sparks that gives me anguishes that breaks my heart; slowly. You’re not whom I used to know- in contrast to that, I admit it. I was redone. I feel so much loath this day. Started in the morning, quite because I saw your face, and I despise it a lot. I shouldn’t go outside my refugee. Next is I saw another one; 21st hour in the morning. I should have hid from you, but fate- pulls us abutted to each other. Is it time for another stupid fcking chance? I know. I am dumb. I gave second chances because everyone deserves those. But giving thrice and more than that, it’s idiocy. I don’t know what to do. I’m in the state of too much confusion. Anxieties are penetrating deep in side me. Someone please offer some relief? I am so devastated. Fml. Distance has ruined everything. As well as doubts and issues. I am caught in between the lines of staying and leaving.